Happy Valentine!

Dear players, We are proud we released another patch during these times.

Our friend Nick from the Bina Tribe of Giants discovered really powerful items in Iberia. He managed to get magic wings for the fighters in Iberia, which provide strength during wars, but that's not all! All your enemies will envy these wings. It's important to look good when you're fighting! We wonder what Nick will bring next time.


  • The BR winner message is now displayed in the [NOTE] chat.
  • Monsters in Island Expedition are now unable to make a critical hit.
  • Now it is not possible to take the flag if the player has the following benefits: Invisible, Sanctuary, S-2, All kinds of speed skills.
  • Fixed an issue with the inability to attack after death on a mount.
  • Ban duration in Match-Making were increased (4 hours, before 3).
  • New information has been added to the lists of the best battle royale players.
  • Assists were removed from the BR Ui. Now 3 assistants count as 1 kill.
  • Spawn protection has been added to Capture the Flag
  • The respawn system in Battlemodes has been changed. Now there is a low chance that you will spawn near an ongoing enemy fight.
  • If your teammate is kicked out of Battle Royale, his kills will be deducted from your team's total score
  • Kill UI has been changed (Battle Royale)
  • A new map Ruins of Nevriandes for Capture the flag has been added to the game (14vs14).
  • Skill S-2 cannot be used while moving.
  • The Cast time has been changed for S4 and S6 skills.
  • If the player is immobilized the skill loop is interrupted.
  • Zoom Max does not change due to race change.
  • Shift hotkey bars are binable now (more in the game settings).
  • it is now possible to write if your character is in fear.
  • The display bug with the flag carrier has been fixed.
  • S-skills are binable for every skill bar. (More in "K" if u will be in some battle mode)
Item Shop:

  • New chakras have been added to the game. -Seasonal items removed (Christmas)


  • LvL up boxes have been modified
  • Start quests have been modified (rewards)
  • Christmas decorations have been removed from the game. -Snowballs were removed from the game.
  • Black Nine-tailed Fox is now bigger (companion).
  • Streamer mode was added to the game in the login server, the player can use the function to hide the email address.
  • A bug where you couldn't get the sixth sense is fixed -Invisible skills have been fixed (invisible axes, debuffs)
  • Some minor bugs have been fixed
  • Instancing has been fixed for FX effects - Wings - Interface effects - Fans are not visible for tournament participants
  • Stun bug has been resolved


  • The following items cannot be obtained from Goddess' Tears: Teleportation scroll, Valorian Clothing, Derion Clothing.
  • A race change costume cannot be used while moving.
  • The icon for life counter has been changed (Battle Royale)
  • Some minor bugs have been fixed
  • New titles have been added to the game - Rapper, Clown, AFK