Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! The Christmas charm has arrived at our server! With Christmas events, you can get more experience points, golds, or better bonuses for your equipment! Join us and discover Christmas Iberia on 4Secret.

Christmas Event
- Decoration has been added to the capital cities
- Event quests have been added, which can be found in Elvedin Village
- Event crafts have been added, you can find them in Elvedin village (Some more will be added during Christmas!)
- Snow was added to the capital cities. Use the /snow command to turn on / off
- Christmas Weapon box has been added

Item Shop
- Seasonal offer has been adjusted
- Mounts: Wooden Rudolph, Siberian Husky, Snowmobile, Polar Battle Bear 
- Costume: Happy new Year!, Christmas Spirits Mask, Christmas Feline Beanie, Father christmas Costume, Reindeer Cap
- Runes: Wooden Rudolph Rune, Polar Battle Bear Rune, Snowmobile Rune, Siberian Husky Rune, Rudolph Rune
Other - Epic Moonstone Chest has been added to IS due to trading ms in larger counts.

AP Shop
Formula of Transformation - Black Cloud has been removed from the shop.
Formula of Transformation - Andromeda has been added to the shop.

Bug fixes
- It is now possible to see a CD on a teleportation scroll in an island expedition.
- Summoner pet now scales movement speed from his owner.
- Successful companion level up, now does not remove buff "Companion Protect Potion".
- A Bug with inviting teammates in Match-Making has been fixed.
- A Bug with inviting players to the guild after the end of Match-Making has been fixed.
- It is now not possible to delete a companion with a bonus item (collection etc).
- Description, some items have been fixed.
- New Icons for Companion Protection Potion, Serendipity Potion (150%,200%,300%) and World Boss buffs have been added to the game

- Well Water craft has been added to the game.

Some Language correcting have been implemented