Casper's Cemetery has been opened!

We saw casper falling in love for last time but times has changed and Casper returned home. The legends says about huge treasures near to him nest. Are you ready for new Adventure?


- Decoration for the capitals has been added

- Event weapon crafts have been added to the game (Elvedin Village)

- Event map "Casper's Cemetery" was added to the game.

- On this map are 5 bosses from which you can get Casper Coin, which you can spend for special crafts on this map.

- Every day at 8:00 PM, Casper shows up here, from which it is possible to get a special chest. Attention this area is PVP!

Other changes

- The sizes of some pets have been changed.

- 5 new effects have been added to the game - Jack-o'-lantern, Muertos, Shadow Eye, Nightmare, Rainbow Storm.

- Crafts in Tigeras have been reworked. There is no longer possible get some items.

- Anbari (Invasion) has been reworked. FPS was increased up to 2x on this map for smooth PvP.

- Crafts in Anbari (Invasion) have been reworked. Add new crafts have been added.

- The size of the backpacks was slightly changed (UI).

- The Devil Gorilla has been moved to Anbari (Golden City of Luadlan).

- Items have been added to the Item shop: Hell Steed (Mount), Hell Steed Rune, Crow Rune, Dracula Costume, Dracula Mask, Pekma Potion of Decision, Undred Potion of Decision, Pekma Potion of Transformation, Undred Potion of transformation.

- Some items have been deleted from the item shop: Flamingo, Flamingo Rune, Beer Warrior costume.

- The price of the portal to Anbari (Invasion) has been reduced

- The price of the portal to Marduk Nest has been increased

- The price of plowing at NPC Fenteserilla has been increased

- Languages packs have been corrected

Battle Royal

- The winner of the Battle Royal will now receive a special box.

- A new UI score has been added to the BR.

- A new map (Tebekut) has been added to the Battle Royal pvp mode.

- The map for the Island Expedition has been slightly modified.