Language Packs and World Bosses

Dangerous Monsters are coming!

World Bosses

Four bosses have been added to the game, each providing different nation buffs, lasting for 24 hours.

The bossfights will take place in Ardir, Hesed, Gebra and Tyconteroga and we expect them to be highly contested, 

since defeating those vicious creatues will bless your nation with powerful bonuses and buffs:

  • • 4:00 PM (UTC+2) Hesed Boss: 30% increased honor point gain
  • • 6:00 PM (UTC+2) Tyconteroga Boss: 100% increased per minute experience gain for your active companion
  • • 7:00 PM (UTC+2) Gebra Boss: 100% increased magic item drop rate
  • • 10:00 PM (UTC+2) Ardir Boss: 50% increased gold drop

Actively participating players will receive bonus rewards after defeating the boss.

As always we ask you to give feedback and help refine and optimize the system to guarantee the best experience possible.


• Surprise Attack

Duration: 8s -> 7s


• Evoke protection crystal

Magic Time: 0.71s -> 0.28s

Range: 0-12 Feet -> 0-18 Feet

• God Spirit & Dark Demon

Reduced the mana cost by 50% of every skill:

  • Frost Prison
  • Hell Flame
  • Pillar of Lava
  • Anaesthesia
  • Pressure Wave
  • Battle Cry

Bug Fixes

• Surprise Attack (Nightwalker) overcast has been fixed.

• Using no-cast skills during a cast or an animation does not consume mana anymore.


• Additional language packages have been added so that you can enjoy the game in the following languages now:

Czech, German, Spanish, French, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Turkish

• Daily tournaments reward a "Tournament Chest" containing upgrade items, mysterious orbs and more.

• The losing team will no longer receive rewards from Island Exploration duo to a high rate of afks

The second part of the patch will arrive this week, including new fancy skins, improved dungeon rewards and more.