Legend of Tigeras

A new map has arrived in Iberia.



-       Tigeras is a farming map (only PvE), here you can gather Tigeras coins and materials for professions. You can farm and make quests in group. For one quest you get 6 Tigeras coins + money. 

-       Professions have been added into the Game. Choose 1 profession from 4 (Herbalism, Mining, Alchemy, Black-Smith.

o   In each profession, the player earns points for collecting or crafting items that allow him to unlock better recipes, Max lvl is 500. For collection you get 0,1-0,5 experience points in alchemy and blacksmithing for every craft 1 lvl up. Each recipe improves the ability to a certain level.

-       Refer a Friend system has been added into game


New Items:


-       Tigeras coins (Item that can be exchanged for Tigeras Craft items from NPC “Rex” in Tigeras)

-       New mounts Puma, Flamingo, Rocket, Hell Steed, Husky have been added into game

-       New costumes Snorkel, Vampire Dress, Vampire Mask, Beer Festival Dress and Beer Festival cap have been added into game

-       Necklace for lvl 95 has been added

-       PvP weapons for lvl 36 has been added into the game to blacksmithing profession

-       Luxury Experience blessing has been added into game




-       New quests where you can get "Wild Puma" as mount added

-       New world boss "Devil Gorilla" has been added to Tigeras (Bergelius Swamps)

-       Giant has been added to Ardir, you can get from them Giant Sack, where you get exp for your pet, gemstones and other IS items

-       Daily Quests have been added into Ardir

-       Weekly Quests have been added into Tigeras

-       It is now possible to obtain a moonstone (2%) from collecting flowers or ores.

-       New quests for grinding IS items on map Tigeras have been added. (Protect against Macro farmers)

-       New effects have been added into game

-       Moonstones are now tradable

-       Lvl in new raid UI is updating

-       Evade target has 100% for success




-       Terrain render has been reworked to modern standards

-       Remake algorithm for render distance of objects

-       Instancing (Experimental): Increasing performance for huge count of drawing effects or object


World Quests system:


-       Random Quests are changing every midnight


Skill System:


Night walker:


-       Invisible:

o   Cast time 0,2s / can’t use while moving

-       Surprise attack:

o   Can’t use while moving

-       Conniving attack:

o   Cooldown: 4s

-       Gruesome Blade:

o   Cooldown: 4s

-       Pendatron’s Cloak:

o   Cooldown: 300s

o   Magic time: 1s




-       Sniper

o   Magic Time: 0,2s




-       Mana Rush:

o   Magic time: 0,14s

o   Executable while moving

-       Group Healing:

o   Magic Time: 0,28s

-       Cleansing:

o   Magic Time: Instant/Executable while moving

-       Sanctuary:

o   Magic Time: 0,18s

-       Sacred Blessing:

o   Magic Time: 0,18s

-       Revival:

o   Magic Time: 1s

-       Mana Missile:

o   Magic Time 0,1s




-       Axe throw:

o   Can’t use while moving

o   Cast time: instant

-       When you change axe or sword and shield you get stance buff automatically

-       Warrior AOE damage via using "F" has been fixed