Major Balancing Changes

Major balancing changes have been made for classes and PvP modes.

Miss has been removed from every %-Skill

Overcast has been fixed

Casting spells should be faster and more smooth




-          Flame Shackle:

o   Duration: 10s -> 7s

-          Rumapark's Retribution:

o   Cooldown: -50%




-          Sniper:

o   Mana Cost: 26% -> 10%

-          Lapiris Helping Hand:

o   Mana Cost: 26% -> 16%

-          Lightning Arrow:

o   Mana Cost: 10% -> 5%




-          Cure:

o   Magic Time: Instant -> 0.14s

-          Group Healing:

o   Magic Time: 0.43s -> 0.28s




-          Desperate Attack:

o    Cooldown: -50%

o   Stun Duration: 2s

-          Hell Whirl: Removed Miss

-          Blockade: Not executable while moving

-          Destructive Hit: Executable while moving


Night Walker:


-          Adrenaline Kick:

o   Cooldown: -50%

-          Vicious Precision:

o   40 (+) Chances of success in physical attacks -> 57 (+) Chances of success in physical attacks

o   Cooldown: 8 minutes -> 5 minutes

o   Duration: 10 minutes -> 8 minutes

-          Dark Power:

o   54 (+) Melee damage -> 65 (+) Melee damage

o   Cooldown: 16 minutes -> 5 minutes

o    Duration: 8 minutes -> 5 minutes




We have decided to give the evocator more team utility through reworked crystals. Therefore we have nerfed the availability of stuns a little and slightly tweaked some other skills:

-          Evoke protection crystal:

o   Effect: Increasing physical and magical armor by 200 in a radius of 8 feet

o   Duration: 30s -> 7s

o   Range: 0 - 12 Feet

-          Evoke a Dark Crystal Effect:

o   Increasing damage by 20% in a radius of 8 feet

o   Cooldown: 18s -> 48s (without speed)

o    Duration: 7s

-          Aid

o   Cooldown: 24s -> 16s (without speed)

-          Evocate God Spirit:

o   Cooldown: 18s -> 54s (without speed)

-          Hell Flame (God Spirit):

o   Cooldown: 25s -> 21s

-          Frost Prison (God Spirit):

o   Cooldown: 25s -> 21s

-          Dark Ritual:

o   Cooldown: 18s -> 36s (without speed)

-          Anesthesia (Dark Demon):

o   Cooldown: 25s -> 21s

-          Battle Cry (Dark Demon):

o   Cooldown: 25s -> 21s

-          Endendros's Curse:

o   Effect: 61 (-) physical and magical armor -> 150 (-) physical and magical armor

-          Mana Missile:

o   Effect:189 (+) damage -> 269 (+) damage


Battle Royale:


-          Removed Evocation scroll

-          Pendatron's Cloak (Nightwalker) is no longer usable

-          Dignified Suffering (Priest) is no longer usable

-          You can no longer access the ranking (U) inside of Island Exploration

-          Invisible players will no longer appear on the mini map


Capture the Flag:


-          Removed Teleportation and Evocation scroll

-          Invisibility Potion: Cooldown: 15s -> 60s

-          It is not possible to take a flag with the elixir of invisibility


Island Exploration:


-       Evocation Scroll: Cooldown: 180s

-       Invisible players will no longer appear on the mini map

-       Pendatron's Cloak (Nightwalker) is no longer usable

-       Dignified Suffering (Priest) is no longer usable

-       You can no longer access the ranking (U) inside of Island Exploration


Rank system has been reworked:


-          Rank points can be obtained by playing battle modes such as BG, BR, CTF, BOW and Island Exploration

-          If you have a good KDA you have lower chance to derank

-          It is now easier to rank up




-       Important buffs and potions are now always displayed on the left side of your buff bar no matter in which order you activate them

-       It is now possible to target the following objects with the player tab option: God Spirit, Dark Demon, Soul Shadow

-       You can send and receive letters inside of Anbari (Invasion)

-       The health points of mission map 8 (Mirhur) monsters have been decreased

-       Dragon Invasion rewards have been changed

-       It is no longer possible to use potions during Hypnosis inside of the modes




-       The Zeprikan potion, which removes the color effect from your mount, has been added

-       Tigeras, Tebekut, Galaxy and Iberia potions of decision now replace the old potion of decision

-       You can now drag equipment into your skill bar and access it using your hotkeys

-       Every mission map has been armed with two NPCs, where you can sell and repair your items