Castle Underground

A new Dungeon has been added to the game!


-          To enter in Castle Underground dungeon it is necessary to obtain a recipe for Dungeon Key, you can get this recipe from "Pirate Bag". This key can be crafted only by players with Blacksmith profession. Entrance of Castle Underground is near Tigeras Castle.


New Items:


-          Chakra bonuses have been added to the game. For this you need to obtain "Mysterious Orb", you can get this item from Battle-Mode chests, Castle Underground dungeon, Aerial War, Dragon Invasion or Item Shop.

-          A new craft NPC "Jenkie" has been added to the game, where you can craft equipment for 7 days or invisible chakra (permanent) in exchange for dungeon tokens (these tokens can be obtained from Castle Underground dungeon)

-          Transformation Elixirs (Iberia, Tigeras, Galaxy, Tebekut) have been added to the game, with these elixirs you can apply an effect to your costume. You can get them from Castle Underground dungeon or Item Shop.




-          Document 80 has been changed, now there are more mobs and they are weaker.

-          Daisy and Tigeras Coins are tradable now.

-          Gloves from "Refinement Pearl for Gloves" have been changed.

-          Immunity to stuns was added to some Bosses.

-          Derion and Valorian players can send mail to each other.




-          Teleportation scroll and Evocation scroll got 5 minutes cooldown.

-           Invisible Potion - Duration 10s -> 7s, Cooldown 15s -> 180s.