Anbari Zone (Invasion)

A new Anbari zone (Invasion) has been added to the game.



-          This zone is similar to Tigeras Zone, here players do quests in groups, the difference is that is a PvP zone. It will also be used for various events. That is why it is possible to get better items here. For one quest you can obtain 6 Daisy, 1 Arcane Reagent, and money. You can teleport to this zone via the main portal in Tigeras.


New Item:


-          Daisy (Item that can be exchanged for Anbari Invasion Craft Items)

-          2 New crafts (for Alchemist) Book of Inspiration 150%, Tigeras Formula of Transformation

-          Underworld chest, from this chest you can get recipes for cheaper craft 38 PvP weapons (Blacksmith profession only).


Anbari Craft Items:


-          Lightning Behemoth

-          Master’s Letter

-          Serendipity potion (200%)

-          Flawless/Perfect/Cash Gemstone

-          Supreme Experience Blessing

-          Weak Scroll of Mutation

-          Potion of Decision

-          Miracle Powder

-          Antidote

-          Will to Live

-          Moon Crystal




-          Hour lottery is back

-          Weekly events have been added to the game

-          Bronze tools have been renamed to Copper

-          XP Event have been improved

-          The cost of upgrades has been reduced by 66%

-          The player gains the full achievements points for killing the player even if he is in a group

-          NPC for craft Tebekut PvP equipment has been added to the game

-          Guardian Angel now restores only 50% of overall health.

-          Armor premium potions have been deleted from the craft.

-          It is now possible to use all scrolls with a double click (only if the upgrade frame is active)

-          Autoshow frame was added into the game, you can enable it in the game settings, serves for clarity of the improved item

-          After breaking the Rune of Bundling, the Destroyed Rune of Bundling automatically stacks in 1 place.

-          Companions can no longer be seen if the enemy is invisible