1.2.3 - Improve of Match Making system!

There is another patch focused on our Matchmaking system!


  • fixed an issue that Valorian players couldn't revive in Document Level 30
  • fixed an client crash issue when you remove players from ingoring list
  • blinded players can't target anymore
  • you cannot select Monster of Evocator over "Shift + Tab"
  • fixed a crash issue for some Battle Royal teams
  • improved FPS
  • fixed an issue with AoE targeting


  • fixed an issue with the score UI which sometimes didn't got displayed


  • autokick from instance when you are not connected over 5mins
  • prices of Premium Revival has been fixed + default price is 20 medails
  • Battleground
    • nerfed the attack power from base defenders
    • 10 second + (every min +2seconds)
    • Titan AI has been reworked
  • Battle of the Worlds
    • statue HP increased from 75k to 125k
    • 20 seconds respawn
  • Capture the Flag
    • 20 seconds  respawn
  • Battle Royal
    • 10 seconds respawn
    • you can give your live to your teammate