1.2.0 - Battle Royal Arrived

There is another update from October!


  • more improvements into the system which will increase your FPS
  • an issue with the private shop has been fixed (removing items)
  • player's life and mana will be instantly refilled after an duel
  • added hp plate to the game


  • negative buffs will now be displayed on your group members
  • the position of the companion frame will now be saved
  • server honour got removed
  • the display of achievement points got added
  • chakras are now displayed in the character menu
  • changed "Volition" to "Spirit" and "Agility" to "Skill" in the character menu
  • Old UI
    • added the companion frame
  • New UI
    • loot setting will now move with the UI when the "Automatic Help" get's disabled/enabled
  • Preview
    • added chakras to the preview
    • the display of Bow's and Crossbow's is fixed


  • fixed auto select of recall companion
  • added floating heart's to the companion when it receives life points


  • added  [Magic Ink of Nationality] to crafting NPC's for 100x [Endendros' Coin]
  • added a text to [Potion of Gender Alteration]
  • the icons of the following item's has been changed:
  • [Cash Gemstone], [Infinity Arrow], [Infinity Bolt] and [Infinity Throwing Axe]


  • new vendors added to the starting areas which are selling equipment for new characters
  • some of the Halloween-party NPCs got moved


  • Priest:
    • buff from [Pendatron's Favour] will be turned off when you press the skill again
  • Assassin:
    • buff from [Invisible] will be turned off when you press the skill again


  • mousebuttons 4 & 5 can now be used


  • enabled no missing from spells
  • fixed an issue by kicking players in lobby
  • reconnect issue fixed in MM
  • BR (Battle Royal) has been added
  • searching has been remaked