To this day 4secret has been able to add custom static objects into the game. From now on, we as the one and only server, are capable of adding dynamic objects into the game, which allows us to add brave new content, such as monsters or mounts.


  • Custom Companion has been added
  • added the time when the next Aerial War will start
  • gor players can now put items into the auctioneer
  • monster's in Horusland and Yesode will now drop the correct loot
  • the setting for "12-hour clock" will now be saved
  • fixed the teleporters for Gor players when they teleport to Sky Garden
  • the posts list will now after sending an letter
  • New UI menu (Right Top) has been fixed


  • +18 Items from Hellfire Labyrinth and Marduk's Nest can now be repaired with [Travel Tools]
  • [Gemstone]'s from [Old Nightmare Chest] can now be traded
  • change [Mysterious Hair Dye] to [Mysterious Cloak Dye]
  • change [Fire Shield] to [Magic Fire Shield] 
  • chakras have been added


  • fixed the icons on companion items
  • double click on a companion skill will drop the Skill item into player's bag
  • experiences for companion from PvP


  • daily quest's will now reset every day at 00:00 AM GMT+2
  • weekly quest's will now reset after 7 days at 00:00 AM GMT+2


  • fixed the values for [Sealed Strong Vitality Potion] on NPC Delnié


  • fixed an UI bug